Meet the Model: Shivani

Get to know the model in our shoes. What's inspiring them. Their favorite tips and tricks. What they do when they’re not in front of the camera. Their sustainability practices. Let's talk about it all!
Q: What do you love about your city?
A: I moved to NYC in February! I love that it's a very walkable city. One of my favorite things to do is to go on long walks to new places I want to check out.
Q: Favorite colors for Fall? Favorite Fall fashion trends?
A: I've been really into deep greens and browns. My favorite trend has to be a monochromatic tailored blazer and pants. 
Q: What is your go-to item in your closet that you can wear with anything? 
A: I have a few men's button-downs that I wear with nearly every top I own. They're perfect for layering and I love the oversized look. 
Q: What is your favorite style from our collection?
A: I love them all BUT my favorite style is Malibu. It's so easy to wear with just about anything - I love them with linen pants and a big sweater. Not to mention, they're so comfortable. 
Q: What do you think about sustainability?
A: My relationship with sustainability is constantly evolving. I'm proud of every step, no matter how small, I take to learn more about conscious living. I'm aware of my limitations and am not hard on myself if I do something unsustainable. But rather, I've been focusing on making small and lasting changes.