Meet the Model: Julia

Get to know the model in our shoes. What's inspiring them. Their favorite tips and tricks. What they do when they’re not in front of the camera. Their sustainability practices. Let's talk about it all!
Julia in Savoy
Q: How long have you been living in New Jersey?
A: I was born in China but I came to New Jersey when I was a baby. I love my area because it is a beautiful mountain town that is also very close to NYC. I can go on a hike one day and to the city the next! 
Q: When you're not modeling,  what are your favorite things to do?
A: I am an all around creative and active person. When I am not modeling, you can find me dancing, riding my bike, practicing yoga, or adventuring to new places. I love trying new things and getting outside my comfort zone. 
Julia in Sorrento
Q: What do you think about sustainability? Do you have any tips/tricks for sustainable and conscious living? 
A: I think it is incredibly important for everyone to live sustainably. In order to take care of our planet and all who inhabit it, we must consider sustainable alternatives for our lives. One habit I changed has been to shop at thrift stores! Thrifting is sustainable because instead of supporting mass produced fashion, you are extending the life of already existing clothing which reduces product waste. I also find thrifting fun because you get to curate unique pieces for your wardrobe. If there is something I need but can not thrift, I try to find brands that align with my values of sustainability. 
Q: What is your favorite style from our collection?
A: My favorite style is Tropez in black. They go with anything!   
Q: What is your go-to item in your closet that you can wear with anything?
A: My go to item in my closet is a pair of straight leg jeans. 
Julia with Carol
Q: Any other tips/tricks for creating an easy yet chic capsule wardrobe?
A: For creating a capsule wardrobe, I suggest starting with good basics and investing in fun accessories. A cute shoe with a matching bag can go a long way!